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The programs, offered through the School of Ministry, provides instructor-led/facilitated classes, which give students access to the instructor, with classroom and course materials available 24/7 from anywhere with Internet connection.

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The School of Ministry is a source for training Christian leaders and helping them to “grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” (2 Peter 3:18).

Level 1: The Re-Created Spirit

The two-part (A & B) course is an unveiling of what we are in Christ today; of what He says we are; what He has made us to be in His great Redemptive work. We study the four Gospels and the Pauline Epistles. We get the living picture of the entire substitutionary work of Christ, which is the legal background of our Redemption. Every earnest student of the Word should take this class.

Required textbooks: Yes

Course length: 13 weeks (each part); 3 credits each

Required meetings: Online with 2 on-ground meetings

Item #: 101-00; 102-00

Type: SMTL


Biblical Healing

The question of whether God always heals is answered in this class. Jesus healed people when He walked on earth. But is supernatural healing still meant to happen with any regularity today? The answer is covered in detail in a life-changing discussion of healing based upon a Biblical scriptures and foundation.

Required textbooks: Yes (included)

Course length: 6 weeks; 3 credits

Required meetings: Online only

Item #: OL600

Type: SMTL


The Art of Prayer

This class will stir God’s people to pray. There is a level of praying that moves the heavenlies. If you desire to learn how to reach the heavenlies through prayer, the Word of God to come alive, your ministry to grow, or a fresh new relation-ship with God then this class is for you.  Everyone that catches this message of prayer becomes effective witnesses!

Required textbooks: Yes (e-book-included or printed)

Course length: 7 weeks; 3 credits

Required meetings: Online only

Item #: OL400

Type: SMTL



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Interested in the School of Ministry Program?

Program Requirements

Students must:

Students should expect to spend 3-4 hours per week studying material and working on assignments in the 13-week classes.

(Certificate of Completion is given to students who successfully complete the program with an average of 70 percent or higher.)

The 21-month program is designed to meet the busy needs of the students by providing a hybrid program. This means that some classes are held both on-ground and online providing students with the time flexibility to successfully complete the program.

We also have classes that can be taken as individual courses for those who are seeking personal enrichment. These courses are entirely online, which provides our students with access to classes 24/7.

Minister Training and Leadership (MTL) Program

Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the MTL program, students will be able to:

ü  Apply inductive and deductive methods to studying the Bible

ü  Communicate scripture and theology with clarity and conviction

ü  Apply scriptural truths and principles in areas of ministry

ü  Demonstrate proficiency in areas of basic Christian doctrine

ü  Apply knowledge of Biblical principles to their everyday lifestyle

Programs developed by Mamre Educational Institute (MEI)

The School’s current program, the Minister Training and Leadership, incorporates our successfully-proven curriculum that is designed to provide students with the opportunity to take their acquired knowledge, analytical and reflective skills and form a solid Christ-centered biblical view.

Our curriculum offers students the opportunities to:

·         Learn how to effectively study the word of God

·         Learn, understand and apply God’s truths

·         Learn to convey God’s truths to others

·         Become more equipped in their personal spiritual growth

·         Find and expand their potential in Christ