School of Ministry - (MTLP)



God's word is fresh and new every day! The way to accomplish a strong relationship with God is through daily Bible study and prayer. The School of Ministry is designed to prepare the Christian for a closer relationship with God, whereby equipping them with the power and authority they've been given.

If you are interested in developing your knowledge of Biblical principles and your relationship with God, this program is designed for you. Each Level class is 13-26 weeks and is delivered in hybrid format. (Hybrid means that the classes are online with two to three required on-ground meetings.) The entire program is 18 months. Each student successfully completing the program will receive a Certificate of Completion.

The online classes are instructor-led/facilitated. Students have access to the classroom and course materials 24/7 from anywhere with Internet connectivity. Classes will include discussion forum, journaling, quiz/exam, presentation, sermon writing and persuasive writing. The on-ground meetings are designed to provide fellowship, discussion of challenging concepts, and assignment presentations.


Program Goal

Our goal is to teach Biblical principles, approaches, and prepare students for leadership within the ministry.


Program Mission

  • To develop Christian character
  • To equip believers with the knowledge and understanding of how to apply Biblical principles and scriptures to everyday life
  • To train leaders for ministry at San Jose Word of Faith Christian Center


You also have the option to take individual classes (7-13 weeks) if you are not interested in participating in the entire program.

For more information about the program, please contact Minister Bonnie Buck-Wade at (408) 295-0877, or Pastor Janice Holman, Chancellor at (559) 740-7741.

Please Note: This program is for San Jose Word of Faith Christian Center members only. If your church or ministry is interested in starting your own training program, please contact the chancellor, Pastor Janice Holman.